"Superman's Song" questions

1. Use words and phrases from the song lyrics to compare and contrast Tarzan and Superman. Which character, if any, do you think the songwriter, Brad Roberts, respects the most?
2. When you think of these two characters, what images come to mind? Do your images match those of the songwriter?
3. Why is Superman trying to save the "world from Solomon Grundy"?
4. Why would Superman be tempted to stop what he's doing and "join Tarzan in the jungle"? What suggestion is being made about Tarzan here?
5. Are Superman and Tarzan symbols for types of people? If so, what might they symbolize?
6. Which character, if any, would you rather be? Explain.
7. How does the music of the song affect the way you interpret the words? Is the song's meaning clearer with or without the music?