Writer's Notebook

Take a Stand

Would You Rather

Below is a list of scenarios.  Choose one of the options and explain why you would prefer one situation over the other. Take some time to write out some of your own "Would You Rather" situations. 

….. be the smartest kid in class or the best player on a sports' team?

..... be able to fly or read minds?

..... eat a giant bug or get stung by a bee?

..... live in a modern condo or in a log cabin?

..... wear socks and shoes or flipflops?

..... eat chocolate cake or chocolate bar?

..... read the book or watch the movie?

..... feel too hot or too cold?

..... ride in a hot air balloon or go deep sea diving?

..... own a snake or a mouse for a pet?

..... eat rotten cheese or rotten eggs?

..... be the player or the coach?

..... have 10 months of winter or 10 months of summer (but still go to  


..... go to university (i.e. doctor, teacher) or go to trades college

(i.e.mechanic, welder)

..... eat a spoonful of butter or a spoonful of hot pepper sauce?

..... go for a hike or walk through a park?

..... live without music or live without TV and movies?

..... hang out with a famous actor or the Prime Minister?

..... watch Youtube or TV show