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BC Numeracy Assessment

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BC Numeracy Assessment
by Justin Devries - Tuesday, 1 May 2018, 4:15 PM

What is this?

Part of BCs new Graduation Program is to complete a high school Numeracy Assessment, which will appear on every student's final transcript.  It shows a student's ability to be able to solve real world problems involving thinking and numbers.

Who needs to do it?

All students graduating in 2019 or later needs to complete this assessment as a graduation requirement.  The grade is published on the transcript in a 4 point 'proficiency' scale, and there is no minimum score needed in order to graduate.  Some universities may be looking at this item as an entrance requirement for some programs, but that is determined by each organization individually.  Westsyde Secondary has chosen to assess all students in grade 11 as this is the last year a math class is required for graduation.  Students will be signed up to write at the end of the semester in which they take math.  Starting this year, however, all grade 11 students will be writing on June 26th.

Legal Last Name    Start Time     End Time
A - H 9:00 AM 12:00 PM
J - Z 1:00 PM 4:00 PM
** If you wish to change your exam writing time please contact the office

What is numeracy?  How is it different from math?

Numeracy is the ability of a person to solve problems which involve numbers.  There are plenty of examples and samples found on the ministry web page, and the idea behind this assessment is not to "study to the test" but instead purposefully show students problems they haven't encountered before to see how they can think their way through it.  The assessment is set at a 'grade 9' math level.

Other info

A student is allowed to re-write the assessment a total of two times if they want to increase their proficiency level.  There will be, normally, two sessions of this assessment at WSS per year, in January and June. 

Check out or call the school for more information.