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5 September - 11 September What is a hero? (FORUM POST)

From our attempts in class to define the standard hero, and our look at heroes in literature, provide, in this space, your opinion and idea of what a hero is. Consider and mention any modern-day examples you can think of, and list carefully any and all characteristics that help us recognize ...

12 September - 18 September Songs about heroes (FORUM POST)

In this space, students are asked to post their findings from their research in songs about heroes. Identify the song title and artist, copy and paste the lyrics, then provide a summary of the poem. After that, identify which lines you thought were describing heroic qualities, making sure you ...

14 November - 20 November What is dystopian fiction?

After the presentation in class, the brief video clip, and reading of  the link on the Moodle site, write in this space what your understanding of dystopian or apocalyptic fiction is. Do you see a happy or sad future for planet Earth? Which dystopian novels have you read? Why do you suppose most ...