Crusades Assignment

Read the pages in your text book (p62-65) and do some research online on the crusades.


You are the pious, but youngest child of a noble. Your older brother stands to inherit your family lands after your father’s death, so you must find fortune and glory on your own. You hear of the Pope’s call for Crusade, and are more than eager to participate. You have the choice to either join up with the People’s Crusade under the leadership of Peter the Hermit and leave in the spring of 1096, or wait until the summer to join up with the main body of the Crusader army under the leadership of Duke Bohemund Taranto, and the many other nobles. While you embark on your journey to the Holy Lands, you will keep a personal journal, detailing your accounts and experiences throughout the crusade. This journal will be a primary source document, as you will describe in great detail the events as they play out before you.


You can alternatively can write your journal as a Muslim warrior who fought against the Crusaders with Usamah. As a Seljuk Muslim Turk tell your story fighting against the Christians for Saladin.



  5. Questions & Answers on the Crusades
  6. Womens Role in the Crusades



You will write a Two to Three page journal. This journal will include:

•A unique back story for the character you are playing, no longer than a paragraph, detailing your mind set and reasons for joining the crusade.

•At least two significant historical events your character experienced or witnessed the aftermath of, and the dates of said events.

•Make sure you detail the hardships that you endured in your battles.

Historical Journal Criteria for Social Studies










2 – 1 - 0


/5 x 2=____

Covers topic in-depth with details and examples.

Subject knowledge is excellent.

Mentions specific location sand correctly follows the Crusade chronologically from their characters point of view

Includes essential knowledge about the topic.

Subject knowledge appears to be good.

Locations are mentioned & the Crusade is charted chronologically for the most part from their point of view.

Includes essential information about eh topic but there are some factual errors.

Minimal locations are mentioned & their characters point of view is not fully accurate.

Content is minimal or there are many errors.

No locations are mentioned, and their characters point of view is not apparent.



Shows a large amount of original thought.

Ideas are creative and inventive.

References to their characters culture and mindset are made throughout the journal & show how their character lived.

Shows some original thought.

Work shows new ideas & insights.

Cultural references are made to their characters culture & mindset are somewhat covered.

May be using other peoples ideas & their is little evidence of original thinking.

Cultural references & mindset are made, but it is minimal.

Absence of originality with limited cultural references & mindset.



Student follows the crusade correctly citing dates and events.

Content is accurate and very detailed.

Student follow the crusade mostly and correctly cites some dates and events.

Historically accurate.

Student mostly follow the crusade & correctly cites some events.

Content is mostly correct but limited details cited.

Students barely follows the crusades and does not cite much or any important dates or events.

Contains historical inaccuracies.


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