Reformation Reporter

Socials 8           Reformation Reporter


During the early 1500's there was turmoil in the Roman Catholic Church. Many men questioned its practices and teachings. This study will introduce you to some of those men and their quest for the reformation of the Roman Catholic Church.

Student Topics:

You are going to become a reporter during the early 1500's. You are going to write a newspaper article during this time period. Each student will be responsible for writing an article based on an event, the key figures, or problem.

I.          Task

As a reporter for a newspaper, you are to write an article on one of the topics listed below: (you will be assigned one of the topics below to write on). Article should be typed and include a picture.


    1. Complaints with the Church


    2. Key Figures: Calvin, Wycliff, Erasmus


    3. Martin Luther and his '95 theses


    4. Compare and Contrast common beliefs of the Catholic and Protestant Church (language, ultimate authority, & salvation)

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