Paris Peace Conference Reporter Assignment

You are going to become a radio star from the 1920's!

1. You will be assigned a country that was involved in the Paris Peace Conference of 1919

2. Think about your countries perspective on Paris
Peace conference. Find out the following information from your countries perspective & make notes:

  • leader(s) & opinions on ...
  • your country wants?
  • What is the response of people in your country to the proposals?
  • Which excerpts from the Treaty of Versailles(or 14 points) does your leader support?
  • Generally how does your country feel about all of this?

3. You are a reporter for a major newspaper and you are covering the Paris Peace Conference in 1919. Your newspaper wants you to record a 2 minute radio spot reflecting how people from your country feel about the outcome.
    -record a video/audio 2min radio spot in iMovie or another Video App.

4. I want to know your sources, so hand me in a list of the websites and sources you used to Google Classroom.

Students will be assigned one of the following countries.

  • France - George Clemenceau
  • Germany 
  • US - Woodrow Wilson
  • United Kingdom (Britain) - Lloyd George
  • Italy - Orlando

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