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Here is a list of different Web2.0 tools that you can use to tell a digital story. These can be used for presentations and to show what you know about a topic.

Best Creative Apps For the iPad:

  1. Keynote
    1. Keynote.jpg
    2. make a slide show on your iPad and share
  2. Comic Life
    1. Comiclife.jpg
    2. create a comic strip or comic book to tell a story
  3. Mind Map or Web
    1. Use Simple Mind+ (our version doesn't allow you to export image, so do a screen capture to camera roll)
      1. Simplemind.jpg
    2. Use Idea Sketch
      1. Ideasketch.jpg
    3. Total Recall (allows you to save to camera roll and email)
      1. Totalrecall.jpg
  4. Animoto
    1. Animoto.jpg
    2. Use your teachers account or create your own. Just collect pictures, add music and text....voila great looking video
  5. InAWorld Drama
    1. InaWorld.jpg
    2. Create a realistic movie trailer. Collect some pictures before you start.
  6. Sock Puppets
    1. Sockpuppets.jpg
    2. After you setup your screen and puppets, you just speak and it will record your voice. You only have 30sec, so you may have to do many takes. Upload video to teachers youtube account to hand in.
  7. Toontastic
    1. Toontastic.jpg
    2. Create your own cartoon. Will require some time to create the whole story: from setup to conflict to challenge to climax to resolution. But produces a great piece.
  8. Garage Band
    1. Garageband.jpg
    2. Make your own music and record your voice to make your own song. It could be used in conjunction with iMovie
  9. iMovie
    1. Imovie.jpg
    2. Incredibly powerful video editing program on the iPad. Record your video or insert picture. Add music or voice over or text. Then you can upload the polished video to a class youtube account.
  10. Prezi
    1. Prezi.jpg
    2. Create your prezi on a regular computer. Then use the app to play it in class, the app doesn't let you least not yet.
  11. WordCloud
    1. Wordcloud.jpg
    2. Use words to create a word cloud. You can use this to list words around a topic, the larger the word the more important it is. You can save the image to camera roll and email it.
  12. Make Flash Cards
    1. Use Flashcardlet (might be easier to use)
      1. Flashcardlet.jpg
    2. Use Flahscards
      1. Flashcards.jpg
  13. Phoster
    1. Phoster.jpg
    2. Make a poster for a topic with picture or text. You can email it or send it directly to flickr.
  14. LifeCards
    1. Create postcards quickly and easily. Has many templates and layouts.
  15. Composer
    1. Composer.jpg
    2. Author your own interactive book. (heard good things about it...but have not tried yet)

Here are some Web2.0 websites that work well on the iPad:

  1. ''
    1. Create your own timeline online for any topic
  2. ''
    1. You can collaboratively create a text document and share the URL with others to work on a document at the same time. Each user is a different colour.
  3. Make a wiki page on our schools Media Wiki site
    1. Allows many users to work at the same time.
  4. Google Docs
    1. presentations and documents....can work ok since the iOS upgrade...but still think there are some glitches.
    2. login with your google account and you can make a presentation (like powerpoint) or document (like Word), but you can access these files from any computer anywhere(except maybe China) and on any device.

Other Web2.0 tools to use on a compuer:

But you will have to put away the iPad for these because they are not compatible

    1. An awesome cartoon creation online. It allows you to pose characters and has infinite creative abilities. You will need to ask your teacher for an account login.

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