Music Students Visit New Orleans

Posted On Friday March 29, 2019
New Orleans
Group photo with Big Chief Dowee

During Spring Break 2019, the WSS Music Program, in conjunction with the NKSS Music Program, went to New Orleans, Louisiana, to experience the Creole and Cajun cultures. 50 students, 6 parents and 2 teachers (Mr. Heal from WSS and Mr. How from NKSS), took part in the adventures. We tasted local delicacies such as fried alligator, shrimp and chicken creole, gumbo, soft shelled crab, jambalaya, poorboy sandwiches, king cake, and boiled crayfish. The group heard music at the Palm Court Cafe, on the Natchez Paddle-wheeler, at Preservation Hall, on Frenchmen Street, throughout the streets of the French Quarter, and streaming out of almost every restaurant and bar. We heard Dixieland Jazz, Traditional Jazz, Modern Jazz, Americana, Zydeco, and Blues. We had walking tours of the French Quarter and the St. Louis No. 1 cemetery, where we viewed the wonderful architecture, and learned about the rich history of this 300 year-old city.

We visited an old sugar plantation called Laura that had been owned by French aristocracy, and had also been the unfortunate home of as many as 200 men, women, and children who worked as slaves. Following the plantation, we visited a swamp and had a boat tour where we saw raccoon, alligators, turtles, fish, and a water snake. We were very lucky to have had an opportunity to taste boiled crayfish, and meet a very pretty New Orleans Mardi Gras Indian, Big Chief Dowee of the Black Hatchet Tribe.

The young music students were all excellent ambassadors of Kamloops and Canada, and were complimented on their kindness, manners, and their keen interest. Our journey there and back was long and exhausting, but almost everyone would make the effort to return and see more of the beautiful city of New Orleans.

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